My Opponents/Opposing Views

Boyertown Area School District

About my opponent, Lisa Hogan

My Opponent moved here only about 2 years ago from Philadelphia, as she has stated at several School Board meetings. Having made the same move 34 years ago, I understand her reasons for wanting a strong school district as she has also stated at several school board meetings. Her deficit concerns for our district are real. At the meetings she has clearly stated those concerns and her solution.

Whereas I agree with her deficit concerns, we are in a debt crisis, I deeply disagree with her on the proposed solution. At several meetings she has clearly stated that the fix for our district is raising taxes. She has made this point several times as shown in the video clip below. However, she does not offer any guidance into how those increased monies should be used or at what point money should be capped. Unlike the federal government who seems to believe it can continually print out more dollars, our taxpayers have a bottom to their pockets. Taxing or cutting programs indiscriminately will not get us beyond our present difficulties. Business as usual will not work!

While I commend my opponent for taking the initiative to run and take on the tough job of School Board member, I believe I will bring a more solution-based philosophy and therefore would be a better fit for what is needed in solving our present crisis.

My opponents have been largely silent on their views around the Pine Forge closure, However, they are supported and sanctioned by the present board majority members who have clearly come out for the closure option.

You, as a voter need to ask my opponents where they stand on taxes and Pine Forge. As the Pine Forge vote may occur before the new board is seated, procure from all candidates claiming to be against the closure a promise that they will reopen the voting after they are seated. In this manner they can overturn any previous decisions.